I have been in Wonderland!! Yes… many times actually!

That was a festival Wardorf from the Kindergarten in Cork/Ireland. The place where is the school is totally indescribable!! It’s powerfull!! That is the word. Is a rude garden, with two big mother trees, fruit trees, tree houses, sand, grass, … many many beautifull things!

On the cornor, discreet, was this dressing table, purple!!!!! And the mirror??? wooowww!!!  In the garden?? Everything in the event was inspiring, but the unexpected is what make the magic inside the photographers, I believe that. For me, in this moments, the world stop. It’s amazing!

When a saw it… an pleasure smile came on my face. The mirror, the reflection, the clock, the surprise!! The click noise not stoped! Were seconds in an happy meeting with myself!!

I realized that,  I do what I really love! 🙂